Described The Three Marriages Reimagining Work Self and Relationship

Described The Three Marriages Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship
Described The Three Marriages Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship

Lastly, the conclusion of your pro gay marriage essay should play a role of convincing the readers that gays or lesbians should be given equal rights in the society and that the relationships should be a given a legalized face.

The topic sentence would be directly talking about why you find gay marriages a contagious infection for a society and the arguments would further stress on the fact, so make sure it is understandable for a reader.

The next important thing in pro gay marriage essay would be the thesis statement which should be sturdy enough to convince the readers that gay marriages should be legalized. For example: “homosexuals should be granted their rights to maintain justice in a society”.

Conclusion would be giving a clear cut summary of why gay marriages should never be legalized while restating the thesis statement for anti-gay marriages.

1)The instincts in gays or lesbians are God-created, not inculcated or forcibly induced in them or just a serious attempt to interrupt out from the norm. For them, their instincts are natural, so why are they perpetually on the questionable front?

Gay marriages are banned in 48 states of America, that means that only four percent of the country considers gays as ‘normals’ and a wedding between them a natural and potential occurrence. Gays are constantly protesting onerous for his or her rights to contemplate them as traditional, healthy beings of the society who don’t have any intention of destroying any basic principles of life. The journey is long so as to choose who’s going to win and will the term gays ever be mentioned in an exceedingly traditional conversation within the society? Time can answer the truth.