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Some The World in Six Songs How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature
Some The World in Six Songs How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature

Folic Acid is a Vitamin B complex that plays a critical role in early brain development and later on helps the adult brain to focus, remember and stay alert. It also reduces the presence of harmful amino acids (notably homocysteine) known to damage the brain. It is found in many different foods including beans, fruits, leafy vegetables and lentils.

2. Do not skimp on protein: This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is often the case that people skimp on protein, either through neglect or through following the latest diet fad. The fact is however, that your body and brain cannot function properly without the basic building blocks provided by sufficient amounts of protein in your diet. Making sure that you get enough protein is especially important if you are following a vegetarian diet as you will need to constantly combine certain foods to make sure that you achieve the right protein mix.I2. Don’t let protein remain away: Our changing fo

1. Maintain Balance: The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. To think therefore that it can operate successfully on just one kind of ‘miracle substance’ is a fallacy! Your brain needs a huge variety of nutrients and vitamins and minerals to function properly. Do your best not to deprive it of that by concentrating too heavily on just one type of food or supplement.I1. Maintain Balance: Keep it noted that brain is a complex and vital organ of human body hence it requires additional attention. It must be nourished properly. Good number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are manda

Eating whatever takes your fancy and hoping for the best is not an option for those who are serious about battling the symptoms of ADD/ADHD through powering up the brain in the most efficient and beneficial way possible!IYou might be battling with the ADD/ADHD disorder. What measures you are applying to keep your body and brain at pace? Be careful and don’t choose ‘anything’ available to eat so that you are keeping yourself healthy.IFighting ADD/ADHD disorder is not a tough job if you have a will to do. Precautionary steps in keeping yourself aloof from foods attracting your attention are best